About Us

Our Family

Welcome to Main Street Goldendoodles! We are a Disney loving family that values ethical breeding and the well-being of our breeding parents as well as their puppies. We are located in sunny Glendale, Arizona and are frequently in the Los Angeles, California area as well. All of our puppies are born and raised in our home with love and are handled daily. Our goal is to raise well socialized, healthy puppies with loving temperaments.

Main Street Goldendoodles was established by Lindsey and Nick. Lindsey (that is me!) is a senior veterinary student and will be graduating with a DVM degree in June 2022. I feel that an excellent breeding program should go hand in hand with veterinary medicine. Nick is my partner and he is dedicated to taking excellent care of our puppies.

Raising Our Puppies

We believe that early stimulation and exposure to real world scenarios are vital to the development of proper socialization skills. We employ a variety of different programs to help achieve this goal:


This is a program that focuses on stage specific enrichment and socialization designed to capitalize on the period of time when puppies are the most impressionable. We believe that this type of program is essential to raising well-rounded puppies.



From days 3-16 we employ Early Neurological Stimulation to help give your puppy the best start in life. ENS has been found to help puppies handle stress, improve physiological functioning, and increase curiosity. By incorporating experiences and enrichment during the critical socialization period and implementing early problem solving techniques, we give our puppies the tools to navigate the challenges of a busy life and ways to communicate with us in acceptable ways.


Our puppies have started potty training, crate training, and are introduced to the car before heading to their new homes. We start using potty box when the pups are 3-weeks old. This not only keeps the nursery more sanitary for the pups but it also makes house training easier for you because your new puppy will be used to going in a certain place.


At 6 weeks old we start getting the puppies used to walking on a leash. They are walked on the leash daily between 6 and 8 weeks. Our puppies are comfortable with body handling, nail trimming, bathing and grooming.

Our Promise

At Main Street Goldendoodles, we promise to always give the highest quality of care to our puppies and puppy families. We take pride in our breeding program and hope that you can appreciate the extra mile we go to give you an exceptional furry family member.